Rottentail Slaughterhouse April 19th


First we ruined Christmas with our epic "Santa's Slay". Then we broke your heart at "Dark Valentine". Now prepare for the next holiday we're slicing up! It's Easter time at Rottentail Slaughterhouse, but he's not hiding eggs. He's hiding bodies!


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Rules for Brighton Asylum


  • - Anyone under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or LEGAL adult guardian
    (guardian does not have to accompany minor through haunt).

  • - No entry without a signed waiver

  • - Only 2-4 guests enter at a time

  • - DO NOT TOUCH ACTORS. THEY WILL TOUCH YOU (IF you are wearing the red glow necklace provide at entry)

  • - No smoking, alcoholic beverages, weapons, pets, cameras, flashlights, or laser pointers permitted inside the attraction. Guests will be screened before entering.

  • - Must keep cell phones in pockets or purses

  • - If there are any rules that you do not follow, you will be asked to leave

  • - Brighton Asylum reserves the right to deny admission to any person for any reason at any time

  • - There are no refunds

Still have questions? Visit Brighton Asylum FAQ page